Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education is Considered Pseudoscience

Ilchi Lee’s brain education is considered pseudoscience, according to Ben Goldacre of The Guardian.


Body & Brain (also known as Dahn Hak or Dahnhak), formerly called Dahn Yoga, is a business founded in 1985 by Ilchi Lee that teaches a Korean physical exercise system called Dahn Yoga.

There have been numerous allegations that the organization operates a manipulative “cult” that uses coercive persuasion and thought reform methods, `aka brainwashing, to create deeply devoted “Dahn masters” (teachers) who then persuade others to commit all their time, energy, and money to the Body & Brain programs, events, and ceremonies, and to, in turn, become loyal Dahn masters themselves. Thereby, perpetuating the recruitment and money cycles.

A former Body & Brain employee filed a civil lawsuit n 2002 California, for Unfair Business Practices and Undue Influence against Lee Seung-Heun (Korean: 이승헌; Hanja: 李承憲; born December 23, 1950), better known as Ilchi Lee, and others. The case was reportedly settled out of court with no admission of guilt, the details are apparently not publicly available.

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