About Dahn World Watch

We are an unincorporated affiliation of individuals who have had been impacted directly, or the lives of our loved ones, through the influence of Dahn World/Body & Brain founder, Ilchi Lee.

Collectively, beyond the emotional costs, we estimate that our collective has lost more than USD12,000,000.00.

We are seeking whistle blowers who are willing to speak openly, or anonymously about their experiences with Ilchi Lee, Body & Brain, Dahn World or his old brand Dahn Yoga.

All ex-Dahn World and Body & Brain teachers, sales people, administrators, students and others are welcome in our group.

Contact our team confidentially a:

mary.white776567 AT protonmail.ch (alias)

We welcome thoughtful input and responses. Comments with personally identifiable information, harassment, threats, or other violations will be removed.