A closer look at Ilchi Lee, his teachings, and feedback from those under his influence.

Lee Seung-Heun (Korean: 이승헌; Hanja: 李承憲; better known as Ilchi Lee, is a South Korean author and the founder of a variety of mind-body training methods, based on his self-proclaimed esoterec (secret) knowlege, received through supernatural revelation. His methods (brands) include Dahnhak (丹学), Body & Brain, Brain Respiration (old name), Brain Wave Vibration, Kookhak Qigong, and DahnMuDo, all falling under the umbrella name of Brain Education.

This website is dedicated to unpacking Ilchi Lee’s claims, and assessing them using qualitative, quantitative and methods. We will also consider anecdotal evidence from people who have come out from under his organization’s influence.